Yvonne Ridley Talk with Membership Meeting Glasgow

Tue, Oct 17, 07:00 PM

Partick Bowling Club , 30 Fortrose St Partick Glasgow , Glasgow G11 5NS , United Kingdom Get directions

Catherine McKernan ·

About the event

Glasgow LACU Member Meeting is delighted to have Yvonne Ridley coming to speak and answer questions for our October meeting.

Yvonne is a writer, journalist and politician, who was taken hostage by the taliban in 2001. She plays a key role within the Alba party, including as our Women’s convenor. A stalwart of left wing and feminist causes, she left the Labour party over the invasion of Iraq and is an expert on middle eastern affairs - she helped set up the English version of Al-Jazeera, and is a convert to Islam. In 2008, she was voted the "most recognisable woman in the Islamic world" by Islam Online.

She is a regular contributor to Through a Scottish Prism as well as being a freelance journalist and writer, with published books including In the Hands of the Taliban (https://www.amazon.co.uk/HANDS-TALIBAN-Yvonne-Ridley/dp/1861054955) and Torture, does it work? (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Torture-Interrogation-issues-effectiveness-Global/dp/1782668306)

Tuesday 17th is an excellent opportunity to come to the monthly Glasgow Lacu member meeting and also hear Yvonne talk about her unique experiences, as well about media manipulation and her work with Alba.

All Alba members welcome, including from other areas. We have regular monthly meetings with really interesting speakers and enjoyable activities. You're always welcome.

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