ALBA 2022 Inforgraphics

Below you can find and download social media-friendly short videos to share from your own accounts as well as retweet the ALBA Party messages. You can watch the video and then select "Download The Video Here" below. 

ALBA propose Doubling the Winter Fuel Payments this coming year.

ALBA propose freezing Council Tax across Scotland.

ALBA propose free universal access to Council sports facilities for all under the age of 18.

ALBA propose doubling the Educational Maintenance Allowance from £30 to £60 per week for all 16-19 year olds in full-time school or college.

ALBA propose freezing Council Tax across Scotland.

ALBA will establish an annual £500 payment for every low earning household in Scotland that receives Council Tax reduction.

Free breakfasts for all nursery, primary and secondary pupils and extend free school meals to all primary and secondary pupils.

The formation of an Independence Convention.

ALBA will increase the Scottish Child Payment from £25 to £40 per week for all eligible families.

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