ALBA Party approve Independence Strategy

EVERY election should be fought seeking a popular mandate to begin independence negotiations, says Alex Salmond’s ALBA Party. 

Party members have today agreed a motion of the ALBA National Executive Committee at their Campaign Conference held today in Lochgelly, Fife. 

In the policy ALBA say that on achievement of a majority vote combining all parties standing on their independence platform they will mobilise domestic and international pressure to fulfil the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.

The Bill to extend the powers of the Scottish Parliament to include the legislation for and negotiation of independence by a national referendum is also part of the ALBA independence strategy as is an Independence Convention comprising Scotland’s elected representatives and civic Scotland.

Alex Salmond’s pro independence party say that their candidates at the forthcoming Westminster elections will promote this strategy with a view of bringing it to fruition at the 2026 Scottish General Election.

Commenting Alba Party General Election Candidate for Airdrie and Shotts Josh Robertson said: 

“ALBA’s big objective has always been breakthrough at the Scottish elections. However, now that ALBA has emerged as the only Party seeking an independence mandate at each and every election and, with the SNP, Greens and Tories now all in substantial disarray, we are increasing our effort for this year’s Westminster poll.

We originally thought to contest 12 seats but today announced many more candidates will be standing for Alba at the General Election. If we work hard then ALBA can make a big impact for independence in the coming election.”

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