Alba Party beat Sunak Vampire Ban thanks to Independent Ad Firm

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party have finally beaten a media giants ban of displaying their Rishi Sunak vampire billboard thanks to an up and coming independent ad agency.

Last month Global Media - who control prime advertising sites across Scotland - blocked a campaign Alba wanted to run which depicted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as a vampire feeding off of Scotland’s North Sea Oil.

Alba Party said the point of their campaign was to highlight that Scotland has an abundance of energy which the UK Government is failing to allow Scots to see the benefit from.

Now thanks to Gourock firm A&M Advertising, based in Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny’s Inverclyde heartlands, Alba have finally beaten Global’s ban and managed to run their billboard campaign.

Alba say that going forward they will seek to only deal with local independent advertising firms as “too much control and too much influence has been handed over to companies such as Global when it comes to censoring political messaging across the country’s advertising sites.”

McEleny believes that a watching eye should be kept on further political messages being banned in the run upto next year's General Election but in the meantime has praised the local Inverclyde firm that have been willing to display his party’s message.

Commenting Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

“Global’s ban of Alba Party’s advert was an attempt to stop an important political issue being debated. Over the decades £300 Billion in today’s money has flown from the North Sea into the treasury and over the next few years, tens of billions more will be seized by Westminster.

“Meanwhile we have large levels of poverty in Scotland and hard-pressed families struggling to pay their electricity and gas bills.

“Media Giants may wish to play the role of poster police to block messages they don’t like but thanks to A&M Advertising - a new independent start-up agency - we have beaten Global's ban and going forward we will boycott Global and seek to advertise only with local independent firms.”


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