ALBA call for Independence Poll to act as a wake up for movement

Poll also shows Alex Salmond would be re-elected to the Scottish Parliament.

ALBA Party have called for an independence convention as Sky News report that support for independence has dropped to 39%.

According to the poll carried out by YouGov support for independence has dropped to 39% compared to 47% who are opposed to independence. However, excluding don’t knows it places Yes on 45% and No on 55%.

The polling also reveals that ALBA Party have increased their share of the vote in the North East of Scotland to 6% which is a level of support high enough to see former First Minister and ALBA Party Leader Alex Salmond returned to the Scottish Parliament.

ALBA Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny says that the poll must act as a wake up call for the independence cause to “break the link” of being wedded to the misfortunes and record of the SNP in Government.

Mr McEleny says that if supporters of independence shift focus away from the SNP and back onto issues that matter to the people of Scotland then the movement can achieve its ultimate objective of securing Scotland's independence.

Speaking today, McEleny said that although polling on independence shows that change is needed in the direction the independence movement has been following in recent times, he hailed the “inroads” his party are making in the North East of Scotland which he says shows support high enough to return ALBA Party Leader Alex Salmond to the Scottish Parliament as a regional list MSP.

"The establishment of a Constitutional Convention will ensure that the urgent necessity of Scottish independence will be at the very top of the agenda for whoever the next First Minister may be." said McEleny.

The ALBA man also called for the case for independence to “break free” from the declining record of the SNP in Government and “focus on the people’s priorities and to put aside personal agendas that are rejected by an overwhelming majority of people in Scotland.”

ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

"We cannot afford to be divided at this crucial moment in our movement’s history, or to allow support for independence to continue to suffer because of unpopular policies that have been allowed to take priority over independence because of pressure from Green Party ministers.

"We must be united in our efforts to secure Scotland's independence, and we must be focused on the needs and aspirations of the Scottish people. Any incoming First Minister must move their focus away from polarising policies such as Gender Reforms and deliver on the priorities of the entire population. This is the way to grow support for independence.

“Restoring Scotland’s independence as an immediate priority is the focus of ALBA Party so this poll must act as a wake up call to the independence movement. However, as we see from the North East, ALBA’s support has now increased to a level that would result in Alba Party representation in the Scottish Parliament. This level of support will only rise, and be replicated across Scotland, as ALBA Party continues to campaign for the priorities of the people of Scotland.”

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