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Standing for Scotland

ALBA Party is first and foremost a party dedicated to creating an independent, fair and prosperous Scotland. As part of our comprehensive strategy to further that cause, we are standing candidates across Scotland.

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Independence Strategy

Our Candidates

Kenny MacAskill

Kenny MacAskill

Born in Edinburgh and educated at Linlithgow Academy, MacAskill studied law at the University of Edinburgh and was a senior partner in a law firm in Glasgow. He was a long-standing member of the SNP's National Executive Committee and served as treasurer and vice convener of policy, before being elected at the 1999 Scottish Parliament election.

Kenny served as the Cabinet Secretary for Justice in the Scottish Government from 2007 - 2014 and had been the MP for East Lothian since 2019.

In Westminster, Kenny has led the charge to save the Grangemouth Oil Refinery from closure.

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Neale Hanvey

Neale Hanvey

In December 2019 the people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath made political history by electing me as their first independent and pro-independence MP. Since then, I have worked with vigour and determination both in parliament and with my outstanding constituency team to deliver for the communities I represent.

Westminster and Holyrood government policies are letting Scotland down. Back my campaign to send a message to BOTH Governments that a radical change of approach is necessary.

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George Kerevan

George Kerevan

George Kerevan is a Scottish economist, journalist, and politician. He studied economics at the University of Glasgow and began his career as a lecturer at Napier College. Transitioning to journalism, Kerevan became a prominent figure, notably serving as an associate editor for The Scotsman, and contributed regularly to television and radio on economic and political issues.

George was elected to the Westminster Parliament as MP for East Lothian in 2015, focusing on economic policy and social justice during his tenure until 2017.

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Charlie Abel

Charlie Abel

Independence is our destiny, and its urgency must be our priority. No more should Scots endure energy poverty and hardship in our land of energy plenty.

I have a background in traditional music and have been involved in the local community council and grassroots & political activism. I understand the challenges Scots face. I recognise that real change starts from the ground up, and I believe in harnessing Scotland's vast energy potential to create a brighter future for generations to come. As a founding member of the Alba Party, I'm ready to fight for policies prioritising the Scottish people's needs, from investing in education and healthcare to protecting our environment and growing our economy. Women & Children's rights matter. I support protected rights but reject toxic identity politics. We must protect women's sports, single-sex spaces & keep rapists out of women's prisons!

Independence is normal.

Together, Scots can build a nation that works for everyone, where opportunity knows no bounds and every voice is heard.

Every vote for Alba brings the dream of independence closer to an everyday reality.

Vote Charlie Abel, Alba, for a stronger, fairer Scotland.

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Debbie Ewen

Debbie Ewen

Debbie is a lifelong supporter of Scotland’s right to self-determination. She is a founder member of the ALBA Party and has been active in the Local Authority Campaigning Unit since inception. She stood as the Alba candidate in the Uphall, Broxburn and Winchburgh council by-election in December 2022.

A large part of Debbie’s working life was spent within the UK civil service in the Department of Energy and then subsequently in Health and Safety Executive.

After returning to Scotland in the early 2000s, Debbie had a complete change of career path, becoming an Employee Benefits and Payroll Specialist in the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen for several years, before joining BlackRock Investment Management in Edinburgh in 2009 where she spent a total of 13 years in their Employee Benefits Team. In 2013 Debbie took over as BlackRock’s their EMEA Head of Employee Benefits, managing a team of benefits specialists delivering pensions, employee benefits and employment policies to staff in 19 separate countries across the EMEA region.

Debbie is a strong advocate for the safeguarding of the rights of women and girls including the protection of women’s right to single sex spaces and the right to request single sex intimate care.

She is a keen runner and sports fan and is strongly supportive of the right of women to compete in biological sex sports categories on the grounds of both safety and fairness.

Debbie sees independence as urgent in ensuring Scotland holds the financial and statutory levers required to be able to improve the lives of ordinary Scots. Tinkering at the edges of existing Westminster legislation is not sufficient to achieve a truly fairer and better society for all living in Scotland.

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Zohaib Arshad

Zohaib Arshad

Dr Zohaib Arshad is a dedicated community leader, professional, hardworking and advocate for positive change with over 10 years of experience in business. He has a deep sense of responsibility and a vision for brighter future.

Living in Falkirk Zohaib Arshad understands the challenges and opportunities our community faces.the academic background,combined with Zohaib real world experience has prepared him to tackle complex issues with innovative solutions.

Running for Member of parliament Zohaib Arshad is committed to representing the values of Falkirk.my main priorities are education healthcare economic development better employment and to ensure all voices are heared and valued.

I promise to be a tireless advocate for all residents, join my mission for better strong and independent Scotland.

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Alan Ross

Alan Ross

As your Alba candidate for Dundee Central, I am deeply rooted in Dundee, having spent my entire life and educational journey here, from Ancrum Road Primary to Menzieshill High School. After initially training as a chef, I pursued further education, achieving an HND in Scottish Legal Services and a degree in Criminology from the University of Abertay. Currently, I am the assistant manager at Dundee’s only residential rehabilitation center for alcoholism and drug addiction, addressing the city’s significant drug-related challenges.

My public service includes serving as a local councillor for the Lochee ward from 2007 to 2022, where I took on roles including convener of Community Safety and Public Protection and City Development. This experience enhanced my understanding of the legislative process and governance, equipping me to advocate effectively for Dundee residents.

Born in 1981, I experienced firsthand the detrimental policies of the Thatcher era and the ongoing struggles against poverty in our community. I am committed to the Alba Party’s mission to eradicate poverty and achieve Scottish independence, freeing Scotland from policies imposed by distant governments. My political drive is fueled by these goals and my dedication to safeguarding the rights of women and children, while opposing divisive policies like the Hate Crime Act.

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Ghazi Khan

Ghazi Khan

With experience working in multiple countries that have gained independence, he understands the prosperity and pride that autonomy can bring to a nation. Ghazi is committed to ALBA's vision for an independent Scotland, believing it is the best option for those dedicated to this cause.

Raised in a family with deep local roots, Ghazi's father worked in Dundee's Jute Mills before starting a business in Dundee and Arbroath. Ghazi, a Dundee native, attended St Johns High School and graduated from Abertay University with a degree in Civil Engineering. His career has spanned senior roles in heavy civil projects, particularly tunneling, across the Caribbean Islands, Latin America, Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East.

Returning to Scotland in early 2022, he was struck by the rise in food banks and the pervasive drug epidemic. With firsthand experience of poverty, Ghazi empathizes deeply with those struggling and is committed to addressing these issues through principled leadership and community-focused projects.

As an ALBA party member, Ghazi is determined to advocate for Scottish independence, tackle poverty, and ensure public services meet the needs of his constituents. He vows to be a force for positive change, emphasizing the value of people over politics and promoting sustainable economic growth.

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Corri Wilson

Corri Wilson

Born, raised, and worked within the constituency throughout my entire life, bringing a deep-rooted understanding of its needs and aspirations. As a parent of two grown-up children and a grandparent, their future, along with that of all the constituents, fuels my passion for independence.

My diverse background spans the public, private, and third sectors, including my tenure as both a Councillor and an MP. These experiences have honed my skills, broadened my perspective, and deepened my commitment to political activism and the cause of independence.

Having previously served as an MP, I am well-equipped to hit the ground running, fully aware of the responsibilities and challenges involved. The urgency for self-determination has never been more palpable, and I am ready to lead the charge.

Since spearheading the Independence campaign in South Ayrshire from 2010, my dedication to this cause has remained unwavering, and I am determined to continue fighting tirelessly for our collective future.

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Tony Osy

Tony Osy

My name is Tony Osy an African Scot , an Environmental Civil Engineer, a political campaigner, human rights and community activist, an actor/scriptwriter and a community development officer supporting and helping vulnerable people to live a happy and independent lives.

I support people living in poverty or at risk of poverty or destitution. I believe and stand for protecting and maintaining the sex based rights of women as set out in the equality act 2010. And I believe in protecting single sex spaces and ensure that single sex spaces are guaranteed in our schools, leisure services, support services and commissioned services.

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Chris McEleny

Christopher McEleny

Mr McEleny served as an Inverclyde Councillor between 2012 to 2022. He is the longest ever serving Inverclyde SNP leader and left the party in 2021 to join Alba Party citing that the Scottish National Party had failed to prioritise independence. He now serves as Alba Party’s General Secretary.

Mr McEleny was known as a campaigning Councillor when he sat on the his local authority and achieved a national profile when he spearhead the campaign for an independence “Plan B”, previously warning that Westminster would not agree to a second independence referendum and that an election should be used to seek a mandate for Scotland to enter into independence negations with the UK Government.

McEleny says that with support for independence sitting at about 50% but support for the SNP now below 30% “it is vital that independence supporters reflect that as the SNP continue to spiral downwards they can no longer win in seats like Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West. I am urging people not to go back to voting Labour because the SNP have let them down. Rally behind me and let’s ensure Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West keeps Labour out at the General Election.”

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Lynne Lyon

Lynne Lyon

I currently live locally and have done for many years.Attending both Moredun Primary and Liberton High School.I work in the area and support local residents with every day concerns that are impacting their lives daily due to austerity implemented by the current UK Government with the next Government if elected continue with the same austerity measures.

My drive is to see Independence for Scotland that will unlock the true potential that Our vast resources would provide for those who make Scotland their home.

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Jim Eadie

Jim Eadie

Whilst an MSP he was Convener of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee of the Scottish Parliament between 2014–16.

Jim left the SNP and joined the ALBA Party in 2021 stating that he believed his former party had allowed independence to be dropped as a priority.

Before entering politics the ALBA Party candidate worked for the Royal College of Nursing and STV before becoming the head of the Scottish branch of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Association Industry (ABPI). Since leaving the Scottish Parliament he was the Housing policy lead for Age Scotland and worked for the Peoples Postcode Lottery before working for Kenny MacAskill MP and Neale Hanvey MP.

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Steve Chisholm

Steve Chisholm

Steve was born in Inverness and raised in Lochaber, a Highlander born and bred, a father, a grandfather, and a committed advocate for the future of Scotland. He has lived the Scottish experience, from the classroom in a small village to Boardrooms across the globe, and back to the heart of Easter Ross where he works to drive innovation and growth in one of Scotland's leading energy service companies.

He has carried the torch for our nation's right to self-determination since childhood. At the forefront of today’s renewable energy revolution, he knows the UK and Scottish Governments’ ambitions for net zero and energy security cannot be met without reliance on Scotland’s vast natural resources, much of which lies off the coast of the Highlands and Islands. If these ambitions are to be met, our resources exploited, it must unlock prosperity for our Highland communities and benefit all of Scotland.

Poor transport links, a shortage of affordable housing, and an under resourced education system, these are not just inconveniences, they are injustices that send our young people away from the communities they love. Steve will work tirelessly to promote economic growth and spearhead investment into our region. He will fight for a future where our young do not have to leave to live, where our industries provide careers that sustain families and communities for generations, and where everyone can prosper.

Years on the Board of a community sports charity and as an Ambassador to the Highland Hospice have shown Steve the crucial role our third sector plays in our society and he will work to ensure the sector receives the support it needs. Only independence can deliver the levers needed for full economic growth and prosperity and as an Alba Party candidate Steve will champion independence for Scotland and home rule for the Highlands.

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Josh Robertson

Josh Robertson

Born and raised in Airdrie and Shotts, I have a real understanding of the challenges our community faces. I’ve been a lifelong campaigner for independence, and as a founding member of ALBA, I’m clear in my belief that independence is an immediate priority for our nation and that every single election should be used to seek a mandate to begin negotiations for Independence.

As a bio-medical engineer working for a local company, I support disabled people and those with health challenges through innovative technology, helping them excel in employment and lead independent, fulfilling lives.

The current Tory government has failed us, leaving 14 years of devastation and poor political choices in its wake. Locally, successive Labour councils have also caused significant damage to our communities. Now is not the time to revert to Labour or other failed political parties. It’s time for a fresh approach—one that recognises the issues and has the expertise to implement real solutions.

Together, we can build a better future for Airdrie and Shotts and secure our country's independence.

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Dhruva Kumar

Dhruva Kumar

Dhruva Kumar is a dedicated member of the Alba Party, head of Alba Friends of India standing as a Member of Parliament (MP) candidate for Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. As a family man and father of two, he understands the importance of building a better future for the next generation. Dhruva is deeply committed to the cause of Scottish independence, aligning closely with the Alba Party's policies to foster a better future for Scotland.

With a robust background in academia, Dhruva brings a wealth of educational expertise to his political endeavours. He has had a successful career as Curriculum Head for Marine Engineering, which equips him with a unique academic perspective on policy-making and economic strategies beneficial for Scotland's progress. His educational insights are particularly valuable in debates and policy formulations, where a deeper understanding of technical and vocational education can play a crucial role in shaping a skilled workforce for an independent Scotland.

Dhruva's campaign activities have been vibrant and impactful, focusing on engaging with the community and amplifying the voice of the Alba Party across Glasgow. He has been instrumental in organising educational workshops, community outreach programs, and advocacy campaigns, which are pivotal in raising awareness about the benefits of independence and mobilising support among the electorate.

As a representative of Glasgow, Dhruva understands the city's dynamic challenges and opportunities. His approach combines grassroots activism with strategic policy advocacy, aiming to address local issues while also contributing to the national independence movement. His leadership in the Indian Friends of Alba initiative showcases his commitment to inclusivity and diversity, bridging cultural gaps and building unity within the Scottish independence movement.

Dhruva Kumar's candidacy is not just about political representation; it's about bringing a knowledgeable, passionate, and community-focused approach to Scottish politics, ensuring that the voices of Glasgow and its diverse communities are heard in the quest for a prosperous and independent Scotland. His candidacy represents hope for a Scotland that stands tall on its own terms.

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Ray James

Ray James

Ray, originally from England, has lived in Mid-Dunbartonshire, Scotland, for four decades. Married with a grown family and two grandchildren, he spent over 30 years in Financial Services before moving into acting, scriptwriting, directing, and photography.

At 59, Ray was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA New Talent award and won Best Film at a USA festival. He witnessed the de-industrialisation of Wales and Scotland and saw wealth extracted for England's benefit.

Ray was treasurer of a Bearsden charity improving play facilities and parks. Frustrated by Westminster's stance on Scottish self-determination, he actively supported the independence movement, traveling across Scotland to advocate.

Ray hosted a podcast interviewing politicians about independence. As an Alba founder, he argues that Westminster's approach harms Scotland, emphasizing the need for independence. He encourages Scots to believe in themselves, assuring that all political values can thrive in an independent Scotland.

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Catherine McKernan

Catherine McKernan

Catherine brings a wealth of experience from the education and healthcare sectors. Growing up in Govanhill during a period of real economic hardship, she was able to overcome poverty through the support of her family and the opportunities provided by education. She went on to work in research then lectured for a number of years before founding her own successful health-focused business from the ground up.

For the past 18 years, Catherine has loved living in the East End of Glasgow, in Dennistoun. A passionate advocate for addressing poverty through comprehensive and intelligent interventions, Catherine believes in the profound impact that can be achieved by targeting the interconnected areas of health, housing, education, employment, and fostering hope and aspiration. She is particularly convinced of the untapped potential in primary health diagnosis and intervention to significantly improve the well-being of the people of Glasgow, especially in the North-East of the city, where she lives. By simultaneously addressing these all of these fundamental issues holistically, she believes we can effectively tackle poverty and steer our city and country in a significantly more positive direction.

Catherine firmly believes that free school meals should be provided to every child, ensuring that no child, regardless of their home environment, goes without a nutritious hot meal daily, without any stigma attached.

She is a passionate champion for the safety and rights of women and children.

In addition to her role as convenor, helping to build up the Alba Glasgow Local Area Campaign Unit. Catherine is also actively involved with several cross-party organisations and campaigns focussed on the Self-determination of Scotland, the sovereignty of the Scottish people and our resources, and against the exploitation of Scotland through Freeports and the potential closure of our only remaining essential refinery in Grangemouth Campaign against Reidvale Housing Association sell off.

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Nick Durie

Nick Durie

Nick is a tenant and housing activist and professional community organiser with a background in homelessness. He has delivered campaigns to negotiated settlement with SSE, Glasgow City Council, the Wheatley Group, the London Mayoralty and other institutions; Nick never shies from a fight, and is passionate about putting power in the hands of ordinary people.

Organised people can defeat organised money, something that defines Nick's political outlook. He is a lifelong champion of the transformative potential of Scottish independence, growing up overlooking oil rigs at the Port of Dundee, now filled with windfarm components, alongside the low wages and unemployment seen in surrounding schemes. He is 40 years old, married with two children, and based in the Wyndford in Maryhill.

Most of his adult life has been spent living and campaigning the North of Glasgow. Outside of his activism Nick enjoys dog walking, gardening, woodland maintenance and tree felling, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells and macebells, and seeing as much of the Scottish countryside as he can.

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