Candidates Adoption Night #AlbaCandidatesNight

Sat, Apr 17, 07:00 PM
Online virtual event
About the event

A virtual, fun-filled night of celebration to mark the start of the Alba Party’s very first National Election Campaign. An event to let Alba activists, members and their friends and families meet the candidates and our Leader Alex Salmond and be inspired to go out and spread the word across all communities and constituencies that a vote for the Alba Party will help secure a supermajority for Independence in the Scottish Parliament.

Encourage as many of your friends who may be considering joining to attend. Let’s increase our membership numbers!

Main Stage

The event will be hosted by Alex Salmond and will feature Lewis McLeod the brilliant Scottish Impressionist (TV appearances include Dead Ringers, Newzoids and Little Big Planet 3 to name but a few!)

With Special Guests

  • Gerard Burns
  • Ryan Burns
  • Graham Brown Band
  • And more…


Tables will be arranged by Region so candidates and guests can network between acts and get to know each other better.

Online Auction

With fabulous prizes to be won. 

Who can attend?

Alba Party members, families, friends and all others who seek Independence and support our cause.

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