ALBA is the vote that counts for Independence - Alex Salmond

“In the coming election the votes that count for independence will be ALBA ones.”

This was said by ALBA leader , Alex Salmond, on the first campaign day after the General Election announcement.

The former Scottish First Minister continued

“ALBA stands for Scotland and this election is an opportunity to make every cross count for independence.

The SNP have meandered off into calling for Keir Starmer to grant them a referendum. That will not happen.

What can happen in this election, is that we can show how independence will be won at the ballot box - each and every national election used as seeking a direct independence mandate.

Every cross for ALBA will count for independence.”

Mr Salmond revealed that the fledgling political party will field around 20 candidates across Scotland. ALBA’S two current MPs, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill will be candidates along with three former parliamentarians, Corri Wilson, Jim Eadie and George Kerevan.


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