“It’s time” - Alba Party Launch 1st National Billboard Campaign of the Year

Alba Party have today launched their first pro independence billboard campaign of the year with the focus being on the urgency of independence. 

Alba Party have been calling for much more urgent action on independence.

They say that the Scottish Government should be putting more pressure on the UK Government to agree to a referendum this year by threatening that if a section 30 order - to transfer the power to hold a referendum on Scottish independence to Holyrood- is not granted then the Scottish Parliament should dissolve itself to force a Scottish election as a defacto referendum on independence. 

Alba Party’s new “It’s time” billboard drive will see pro-independence messaging hit streets across Scotland this weekend, with key sites including Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

The latest campaign follows on from the party’s Enough is Enough campaign last year. 

Announcing the drive the party’s Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said that Alba’s campaigning “shows we aren’t willing to allow the independence campaign to go quietly into the night or let Rishi Sunak off the hook by vanishing without a fight!” 

Hanvey says that with energy costs across Scotland continuing to hammer millions of Scots “It’s time for energy rich Scotland to take the power over Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands.”

Commenting Alba Party Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said; 

“In Scotland we have the absurdity that our people are living in fuel poverty when as a nation we are self-sufficient in oil and gas, and we generate enough through renewables to power every home. 

“Westminster continues to fail Scotland. In 2019 we were promised there would be a referendum in 2020. Then we were promised a referendum in 2021 and after the Scottish Parliament election we were promised a referendum on 19th October this year. 

“Scotland cannot afford to allow Westminster to keep denying us our right to self determination without consequence. It’s time for bolder action and it is time for to take Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands. The Scottish Government must issue Westminster an ultimatum that if a referendum is not agreed to this year then the consequence will be the dissolution of the Scottish Parliament to force an extraordinary Scottish election as a defacto referendum on independence this year. 

“It is entirely in the gift of the Scottish Parliament to do this and it is time they held the UK Government’s feet to the fire.” 

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