ALBA Party Launch Youth Manifesto 2024

The ALBA Party have today (Saturday 22nd of June) launched their Party’s Manifesto for Young Scots in Kirkcaldy.

ALBA candidate, Neale Hanvey was be joined by ALBA Party Leader, Alex Salmond and the party’s youth wing Convener Christina Hendry.

The manifesto for Young Scots includes specific policies pertinent to young people including Scottish independence, housing, student support and the conflict in Palestine.

Neale Hanvey, standing to be re-elected as the MP for Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy said:

“I am delighted that we are launching our manifesto for Young Scots in my constituency

As a father of two boys I want to ensure that we can provide society that affords them the best opportunity in life.

Much has been made about the potential for a low turnout in younger generations at this election. That isn’t because young Scot’s aren’t interested in politics, it is because the established parties offer them nothing. That is something we in ALBA are attempting address with this manifesto.

We know that a substantial majority of young Scots want independence and Alba are the only party with a route to take us there”

Christina Hendry, Co-convener of ALBA Youth is pleased to have a specific manifesto for young people

Commenting she said:

“There is a misconception that young people don’t care about politics. With our manifesto written by young Scots for young Scots, we wanted to show that young people do have an interest in the future of their country.

We also want to highlight how ALBA polices are beneficial to younger voters, especially the urgent need for Scottish independence and building a brighter future for the people of our nation.

This follows ALBA becoming the first party to launch a manifesto tailored to the needs of the Highlands.

You can read the Manifesto for Young Scots here.

The party will launch its national manifesto next week in the Yes city of Dundee, which ALBA Party Members will be able to attend.

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