ALBA PARTY Launch Press Kit

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Statement from Alba Party founder, Laurie Flynn

Following extensive consultation with good and trusted friends, I registered the Alba Party with the Electoral Commission in January this year.

A retired television producer with two lovely grown up children and two grand-children, I have as an adult always longed to breathe the air of a free and tolerant, democratic and independent Scotland which celebrates human diversity.

It’s also clear to me that we’re very nearly there.

In the Scotland that is busy being born, real equality and real opportunity will be available for all. And the driving purpose of the state will be good governance, a renewed and redoubled Scottish enlightenment and a definitive end to colonial attitudes to the rest of the world, and the unnecessary wars that have always gone with them.

The sole purpose of Alba is to strengthen and deepen the movement for independence through an unstinting generosity of spirit, active and lawful campaigning and the extension of our just and democratic institutions so that they are fit for the 21st century and beyond…

As the poet Kathleen Jamie beautifully puts it, I am one of those:

"Small folk playing our part.
Come all ye, the country says.
You win me who take me most to heart.”

I am delighted to hand over the reins to the former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond.

He is the right person to help deliver a supermajority for independence.

Yours for Alba,

Laurie Flynn




#Supermajority for Independence

The Alba Party is led by the former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond. The only party leader to have won an outright majority in the Scottish Parliament.

We have a team of candidates from across society, with wide and various experience. Candidates of the calibre necessary to help rebuild and recover from the Covid pandemic, and to steer the country through the transition to independence.

Today Alba is raising the flag, our Saltire, and planting it on the hill, flying high in the wind for all to see.

Calling on those who care most about the future of Scotland and its people to rally round; to join the great endeavour, to rebuild our country, to restore our independence.

To work in the service of a better nation for all.


Alba’s stated aims:

National Independence for Scotland as an immediate necessity, and overwhelming priority, achieved by democratic means through a vote of people resident in Scotland.

The promotion of all Scottish interests, and the building of an economically successful, environmentally responsible and socially-just independent country, through the pursuit of a social democratic programme.

The acceptance by the Scottish people of a written constitution for the newly independent country; defending the rights, liberties and equality of all citizens before the law.



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