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ALBA Party respond to the Queen’s Speech

Speaking from the House of Commons, today, in response to the Queen’s Speech Alba Party Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“Scotland is an energy-rich nation that generates enough electricity through renewables to power every home and we are self-sufficient in gas. Yet today we heard not a single new plan for how the UK Government will help support Scots to mitigate this unprecedented cost of living crisis.

“Scotland’s natural resources are controlled by international capital, Westminster seizes our revenues, and the people of Scotland are left to pay the bill.

“For as long as we are shackled to the United Kingdom and keep trying to play their game, Westminster will always win and Scotland will always lose. We have mandates for mandates to have a choice on our own future. Boris Johnson doesn’t want us to have that choice and the Scottish Government say they will hold a referendum in 2023 but not without Westminster’s permission.

“The time for independence is now, and only Alba Party are demanding that as an immediate priority.“

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