Alba Party’s Women’s Convener writes to new Chief of Police Scotland to raise concerns over violence against women and girls

Alba Party’s National Women’s Convener has written to Police Scotland’s incoming new Chief Constable to raise concerns in relation to violence against women and girls.

At a meeting of Alba Party’s National Council delegates previously resolved to write to the New Chief Constable to ensure that “the issue of tackling violence against women and girls was at the top of her in tray on day one in post.”

Alba Party have raised concerns about a recent assault against a woman in Aberdeen that Police Scotland only issued a warning to the male that carried out the offence. This comes against a backdrop of increased safety concerns amongst women in Scotland.

Alba Party’s National Women’s Convener Dr Yvonne Ridley has raised concerns that Police Scotland failed to update the victim on the outcome of the report and only did so after numerous complaints were submitted.

Dr Ridley says that this has sent a dangerous message to violent men in Scotland that they will not be prosecuted for violence against women. She has reaffirmed Alba Party’s position that women have the right to discuss all policies which affect them, and engage in peaceful protests without being abused or silenced.

Commenting Alba Party’s Dr Yvonne Ridley said:

“The recent incident in Aberdeen has concerned women across Scotland and the new Chief Constable will have the responsibility of addressing them. It is very important to have an immediate understanding of what actions she will take once in the role to combat Violence against Women and Girls.

“There must be transparency as to why sentencing guidelines have allowed a man who violently assaulted a women to be let off by Police Scotland with only a warning. The circumstances that resulted in the unacceptable handling of this assault must be made public."

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