Alba Party “set to overtake” Lib Dem’s in Polls this Year

Alba Party believe that they are set to overtake the Lib Dem’s on Scottish Parliament Regional list polling this year.

The pro-independence Alba Party start 2023 buoyed by a poll result at Christmas which showed 23% would back Alex Salmond’s party in order to help secure more pro-independence representation in the Scottish Parliament.

Alba say that they are now seen as a leading party within the independence movement as the party point to a new poll released today showing that a substantial amount of voters believe that Alba Party regard independence as a higher priority than the Scottish Green Party.

In the poll only 3% of those that would vote Yes in a future independence referendum believe that the Greens regard independence as a higher priority. This contrasts to 14% for Alba Party with 75% of all respondents answering that the SNP treats the issue of Scotland becoming an independent country as the highest priority.

Alba Party will be holding another independence assembly in Edinburgh on the 14th of January to build upon strategy they have set out so far on Scotland’s “Way Forward” in the aftermath of last year’s UK Supreme Court decision that the Scottish Parliament did not have the power to hold a referendum on Scottish independence.

Commenting Alba Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

“This year Alba Party will again be campaigning for Scotland’s independence as an immediate priority. As millions of Scots grapple with the cost of living crisis it is becoming clearer that the independence movement must take more urgent action to exercise Scotland’s right of self determination.

“Recent polls have showed that thanks the the policies and the plan for independence that Alba Party has been promoting we are now a mainstream part of the independence movement.

“Scots now know that they can effectively wipe out the Tories and Labour in Scotland by supporting Alba Party and this year as we continue to make the case for Scotland’s independence as an immediate priority we are set to overtake the Lib Dem’s."

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