ALBA Party Urge Scots “Not to buy Starmer’s Snake oil”

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party have reacted to Keir Starmer’s Labour Conference Speech by urging Scots “not to buy Labour Snakeoil”

Alba’s Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP has said that Starmer’s speech “offers nothing to Scots” and that it confirms that Labour will “throw over one hundred thousand North Sea Oil and Gas Jobs onto the scrap heap”.

Alba Party have campaigned strongly in favour of a bright future for the North Sea which would utilise Carbon Capture Technology to allow continued lucrative extraction with Net Zero licence requirements.

Alba say that this will ensure that Oil and Gas can be the “engine room” of an independent Scotland and they have previously been critical of the SNP for siding with Labour and the Greens in their opposition to new Oil and Gas licenses.

The latest Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) figures showed that Scotland’s share of oil and gas revenues rose to a record £9.4 billion in the past financial year.

Neale Hanvey MP says that if Labour get their way then this resource will disappear along with over one hundred thousand jobs.

Commenting Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey said:

“Keir Starmer’s speech offers the people of Scotland nothing. In fact, it confirms that Scotland’s North Sea Oil and Gas industry would be decimated.

“Scotland needs a party willing to challenge this Tory Government’s continued robbery of Scotland’s assets, and their refusal to deliver urgent and meaningful investment in our vast Carbon Capture potential. Scotland needs an economic strategy that delivers North Sea Oil and Gas jobs, not one that deletes them. It’s completely unforgivable that the daft Greens, the SNP and now the UK Labour Party place climate virtue signalling before Scotland’s North Sea Oil and Gas industry as any loss in production here will only lead to increasingly costly imports from the far reaches of the globe.

“Rishi Sunak is seizing Scotland’s Oil wealth whilst Keir Starmer is trying to sell Scots the same old Snake Oil that a UK Labour Government would be on their side. Scotland can’t afford to fall into the trap of mediocre Labour or Tory Governments any longer. The vast economic potential being plundered from under the noses of the people of Scotland would be better put to work by our own hands, and for our own folk, as a normal independent country.”

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