ALBA Party welcome poll showing support for Independence at 53%

ALBA Party say that high support for independence as SNP support continues to fall sets out why General Election must be fought on United for Independence front.

ALBA Party have welcomed a huge poll boost for independence that sees support sitting at 53% for Yes.

However, the polling also sees the continued trend of support falling for the SNP, something ALBA Party say proves that the next General Election must be fought under a Scotland United for Independence banner so that independence does not suffer a set back because of the misfortunes of the SNP.

The poll conducted by Ipos Mori for STV also found that 2014 Yes voters are increasingly willing to consider voting for other parties rather than the SNP at the next General Election. In recent years, support for independence has been very closely correlated with electoral support for the SNP. This appears to be weakening with Ipos’ poll finding that while 69% of 2014 Yes voters say they would vote for the SNP at an immediate General Election, this is a fall of 12 percentage points compared with a year ago - with almost a third of 2014 independence supporters now considering not voting for the SNP.

ALBA Party have been highlighting that the next General election should be fought under a Scotland United for Independence banner, meaning that each constituency would have a single pro-independence candidate, made up from across the pro independence parties and wider movement. They say that this would be the best means to ensure that unionist parties don’t make gains and that the independence movement doesn’t suffer a setback because of the current trials and tribulations of a single political party.

Welcoming the poll lead for independence, Alba Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

"This big lead for independence support shows why the unionist parties should beware with their glee as it is clear that support for independence continues to remain high - with over a majority of Scots saying they would vote for independence. It is clear a majority of Scots are now ready to vote for independence if given the opportunity to do so."

"However, this poll makes clear that there is now a continued trend in Scotland. Support for the SNP is falling whilst support for independence remains high. Almost a third of those that voted Yes in 2014 would now not back the SNP."

"Scotland cannot afford for the cause of independence to be set back because of the troubles of one single political party. That is why Alba Party have been advocating that the next General Election should be fought on a Scotland United for Independence front. With this approach we would ensure that the unionist parties don’t make gains whilst importantly electing a majority of Scottish independence supporting MPs giving Scotland a mandate to immediately commence independence negotiations with Westminster."


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