Alba’s Highland Council Leader writes to Chancellor calling for Police Housing Support

Alba Party have today written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer calling for action to support Police Officers in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Alba’s Highland Councillor Karl Rosie wants the UK Government to act to ensure that Police Officers are able to afford to live in the Highland and Island communities they serve.

Councillor Rosie says that there are severe challenges faced by officers in securing affordable housing and has called on UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to act so that Scottish Police Officers can benefit from existing tax exemption criteria.

The Alba Party Councillor says that “the attractiveness of the Highlands and Islands has led to increased house prices and a scarcity of long-term rental options. This situation has left many police officers unable to afford housing in the areas they serve, impacting both their well-being and their ability to effectively carry out their duties.”

Councillor Rosie wants to see the UK Government act to ensure that Police Officers can afford to work in the Highlands and Islands. He added: “The Treasury and HMRC must recognise the unique challenges faced by officers in these areas and implement measures that support their housing needs without undue financial strain. Providing tax exemptions for essential accommodation aligns with existing guidelines and would significantly alleviate the housing burdens faced by officers.”

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