Alba: Scrooge Sunak Stealing more Christmas Goodwill than any PM in history

Scrooge Sunak

Alba Party have accused Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of stealing more Christmas goodwill than any Prime Minister in history.

Alex Salmond’s pro independence party say that Sunak has “added every required ingredient to give people the worst Christmas Punch imaginable”.

This week families across the country are gearing up for Christmas - but before those who are able to settle down to a well earned rest another week of industrial action is underway.

In the coming days, workers across the public sector are set to embark on more strike action.

Then a fresh walkout by postal workers will disrupt last-minute deliveries of cards and presents - while further stoppages are planned on railways from Christmas Eve.

Strikes by airport border staff, including at Glasgow Airport, could lead to two-hour delays at passport control and passengers being held on aircraft, according to contingency plans.

Office of National Statistics data shows, that spiralling inflation will add more pressure onto the cost of Christmas with an average family of four with two children paying 17% more for Christmas dinner this year.

And this all comes on the back of a month that the wholesale cost of energy hit further highs which will result in higher electricity and gas bills in the new year.

Alba say that the UK Government’s refusal to engage with trade unions to bring to an end a winter of discontent, added to their incompetence that crashed the economy will make for a very tough Christmas for many.

Alex Salmond’s party have also highlighted that this months extra cold period will result in even higher energy bills for hard pressed families.

Commenting Alba Party Depute General Secretary Corri Wilson said:

“For many families this Christmas will be a very difficult period. Thanks to the Tories wrecking the economy we have seen an already unbearable cost of living crisis get spiral even more out of control.

“And to make matters worse the UK Government seem completely unwilling to engage with workers to bring to an end prolonged industrial.

“Scotland is a land of energy plenty. With independence we could be ensuring that we end the scandal of fuel poverty in a country self-sufficient in oil and gas which generates enough electricity through renewables to power every home.

“Christmas is a time of goodwill for many but the Prime Minister has managed to purloin that from households across the UK more than any other in history.

“Rishi Sunak is less like a Prime Minister and more like a rich character from Dickensian times. He’s certainly no Santa Claus and he’s playing the role of Scrooge well but sadly there is no sign of him having an epiphany and improving Christmas for hard pressed families across the country.”

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