Alba to target Yes City of Dundee at General Election

Alba Party have today announced they will make the case for independence at the General Election in the Yes City of Dundee.

Former Dundee Councillor Alan Ross will stand for Alba Party in the Dundee Central constituency at the General Election and independence activist Ghazi Khan will contest the new Arbroath & Broughty Ferry Constituency.

In the 2014 independence referendum 57.35% of people in Dundee voted Yes, Alba Party candidate Alan Ross hopes to capitalise on this by putting independence front and centre of his campaign.

Mr Ross has lived in Dundee his entire life and attended Ancrum Road Primary and Menzieshill High Schools. He originally trained as a chef after leaving school before returning to college then university and gained an HND in Scottish Legal Services whilst working in the city as a youth worker and has recently graduated from the University of Abertay with a degree in Criminology. He currently works in rehabilitation, specialising in the treatment of men for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Between 2007 and 2022 he served as a local councillor for the Lochee ward of the city.

Ghazi Khan’s family have a long history in the local area, his father worked in the Jute Mills of Dundee before starting a business in Dundee and then Arbroath, and recently retired from his convenience store after running it for 25 years. He studied in Dundee going to St Johns high school and obtained his degree in Civil Engineering from Abertay University.

Commenting Alba Party candidate for Dundee Central Alan Ross said:

"I can still vividly remember the impact of the Thatcher government on my local community in the Lochee area. The abhorrent poll tax and the direct impact that and other policies had on my family, living in council housing in a one income household is a story that too many people in Dundee can relate to and it has created a lasting legacy in our city.

"Poverty levels are disgraceful in our city with far too many children now living below the poverty line in Scotland. Alba Party have a broad range of policies which would lead to the eradication of poverty from Scotland for good. These policies along with our main objective of Scottish independence have always been my motivation in politics. With full independence Scotland will be free of unelected governments in London who have saddled Scotland with disgraceful policies.

"It is clear now however, that the SNP are not only lacking any kind of plan they are also missing the will to deliver what they have consistently been elected for, in favour of pursuing deeply unpopular and divisive policies in order to appease the Green Party. Alba Party Holyrood leader is right when she said ‘what was the point of kicking the greens out the front door to sneak them in the back door’.

"Alba Party are the only party in Scotland with a plan, the people and crucially, the determination to deliver our independence. That is the choice I will be taking to people in the Yes City of Dundee.”

Commenting Alba Party Candidate for Arbroath and Broughty Ferry Ghazi Khan said:

"I am determined to make a change for the people I have grown up and lived with and will work hard for them if elected.

"The mainstream parties have let people down, and have focused on their own fortunes and governed in their own interests instead of the interests of the people in our community. I am committed working to tackle poverty and ensure public services meet the needs of the people they serve.”

"The need for Scotland’s independence as an immediate priority will be front and centre of my campaign and I pledge to to deliver for the people I wish to serve.”

You can view the list of ALBA Party candidates for 2024 and where they are standing here.

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