ALBA Party set sights on winning support from “next generation” of Independence supporters

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party say that they are seeing an uptake in support from the “next generation” of Yes supporters. 

The pro-independence party believe those who were too young to vote in the 2014 independence referendum are showing signs of backing the Alba Party because of the “radical agenda” the party is putting forward. 

Alba Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny says that his party are appealing to young voters because “ increasingly we see the Scottish Government put forward policies fronted up with big numbers whereas Alba Party are campaigning with high hopes and putting forward big ideas.” 

The pro-independence Alba Party believe that they have put in place many policies that appeal to young people and those with young families. They point to their anti-poverty measures which would help keep money in household pockets such as free school meals and breakfast clubs for all, free access to sports facilities for those under 18 and the doubling of the Educational Maintenance Allowance from £30 to £60 to help support young people in education. 

Salmond’s party also want to see the Scottish Child Payment increased to £40 a week, something they say would lift 400,000 children across 250,000 households in Scotland out of poverty. 

Commenting Alba Party Youth Convener Christina Hendry said: 

"In 2014 an independence generation was created but that was now nine years ago. People that were sixteen and voted in the last independence referendum are now in their mid-20s. The independence movement can’t take young people, or any group in society, for granted. To win a majority in support for independence we need to keep presenting a positive vision that shows how Scotland would fare much better if we took our own future into our own hands as opposed to having Westminster impose policies on the people of Scotland. 

"As a result of the Tories' Brexit Scots are £2000 a head worse off. Young people have so much to gain from independence and Alba Party will keep making the case for why it is time for independence."

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