ALBA Women congratulate For Women Scotland

ALBA women outside parliament

Statement from ALBA Women

ALBA Women congratulate For Women Scotland, who have won their Inner House appeal against the Scottish Government, regarding the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act.

ALBA Women welcome this judgement and applaud For Women Scotland’s tenacity and courage in pursuing this legal action on behalf of females in Scotland.  

This judgement reasserts females’ rights under the Equality Act 2010 and clarifies a woman is a female of any age.  

Public authorities have been reacting to the increasing number of people who declare a gender identity different from their sex by introducing policies that simply overwrite sex with gender.  

This judgement affirms that protected characteristics must be balanced and one cannot supersede another.  And the judgement underscores the need for politicians and senior managers to take seriously their duty to recognise sex as a protected characteristic.
We all owe For Women Scotland a huge debt of gratitude for their courage and the personal risk they took in challenging the Scottish Government.

However, we should not have to crowdfund to ensure the Scottish Government stays within the law.  It would be refreshing to see the tax-payer funded ‘feminist organisations’ following For Women Scotland’s lead and standing up for women.

Nor should we have to use a reserved power to protect the existing rights of Scottish women. The Scottish Government legislated ‘beyond their competence’. Hopefully, this judgement will give the Scottish Government pause for thought and will rein in the gender extremists within the Cabinet.

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