Alex Salmond kicks off "Scotland’s Way Forward” conference with rallying call to "Choose a New Future with independence or repeat the misery of the past with Westminster"

“People across Scotland now know more so than ever that Westminster is broken, it will continue to fail Scotland and put its own self-interest above that of the people. We have a clear choice - a new future with independence or to repeat the same old misery of the past with Westminster” said Salmond

Alba Party’s Way forward for Scotland conference has begun today in Perth with a rallying call to start the day given by Alex Salmond.

The Former First Minister and Alba Party Leader used his opening remarks to set out tactics that can be used to address the current referendum roadblock being faced by the independence movement.

Mr Salmond highlighted that the current economic situation presented by Westminster has created a set of circumstances that can only continue to strengthen the independence argument.

Today’s conference has been attended by hundreds of members of the public. Alba Party decided to stage the event after the UK Supreme Court’s decision that the Scottish Parliament did not have the power to hold an independence referendum.

Commenting Alex Salmond said;

“The Supreme Court has ruled there can’t be an independence referendum but not that there can’t be a referendum. The Scottish Parliament still has the power to hold lawful referenda. Then there is SNP favoured option to turn an election into a defacto referendum but if so, a decision has to be made whether Westminster or Holyrood is tactically the right poll.

Then there is the case for a campaign of parliamentary intervention to force the UK Government to accept Scotland’s right of self determination or an appeal to the international courts or international opinion.

A Scottish Independence Convention is a much supported ALBA policy which could unify the independence campaign and bring together the parliamentary and civic movements for independence.

These are all possible and potentially exciting moves to take us forward the discus we are having about them today with invited guests and members of the public from across the independence movement will help to form the way forward.”

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