ALBA demand former Labour Minister apologises for support of Iraq War

Pro independence Alba Party have demanded that a former Labour Minister apologises for supporting the Iraq war as he attempts a comeback to front line politics.

Former Minister in the Blair Government Douglas Alexander has been selected to contest the East Lothian Constituency at the next UK Parliament election. The seat is currently held by the former Scottish Justice Secretary, Alba Party’s Kenny MacAskill MP.

The former Labour MP was a Cabinet Office Minister as part of Tony Blair’s Government when the UK Government backed the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Alexander has now been urged to apologise for his role in supporting the war in Iraq which led to the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Some estimations believe that upto one million people were killed as a result of the invasion. A report by academics at Ottawa University calculated that there were 461,000 war related deaths.

ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny says that “an entire generation of Scots will never forgive the Labour Party for their decision to support the illegal invasion of Iraq based on completely false information.”

McEleny says that Douglas Alexander is part of a “New Labour Old Guard that refuse to apologise for their role in the Iraq War.”

Commenting Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said;

“Tony Blair’s Labour Government lied to the people of Scotland and those across the UK to justify support for the illegal invasion of Iraq.

“Douglas Alexander was a key member of Blair’s Government and he rose through the Government ranks as a thanks for his loyalty in situations such as backing the Iraq War. He is a part of a New Labour Old Guard that to this day have never offered an unreserved apology for the hundreds of thousands of lives that were lost as a result of their actions. Mr Alexander was also an enthusiastic supporter of the decision to bomb Libya and just like Iraq that has led to completely devastating and long lasting issues in the region.

“ The people of Scotland strongly opposed the Iraq war. Those that supported it should have been answering questions at a War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, not trying to work their way back into elected office.”

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