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Salmond Tells BBC Scotland And STV To "Mend Their Ways And Stop Censoring Alba"

Alex Salmond, leader of the ALBA Party and Former First Minister, will tell BBC Scotland and STV that it is time to “mend their ways and stop distorting the democratic process of Scotland” 

Speaking at the launch of the ALBA Party Campaign in Mid Scotland and Fife Alex Salmond stated:

“In little more than two weeks, ALBA has become the story of this election campaign. Indeed HALF of the entire press coverage of the election in the written media has featured stories about the ALBA party or referenced ALBA.

"And yet the BBC and STV operate as if they were in a self-isolated political bubble in which the initiative that everyone else is talking about doesn’t even appear on their radar. Not only does that involve excluding ALBA from election debates but also dictates the daily mentions on all the main news bulletins. These organisations, unlike others, are effectively censoring ALBA.

"The launch of our Lothian campaign is a case in point. There were over FORTY photographers and journalists in attendance, including three broadcasting journalists for radio and television. However, BBC Scotland and STV were nowhere to be seen. They are simply failing in their democratic duty.

"We have asked both BBC and STV repeatedly for an explanation of their undemocratic behaviour but have not yet even received the courtesy of full detail of their proposed election coverage over the next t three weeks.

"In two weeks ALBA have secured a membership greater than the Liberal Democrats and more MPs than the Labour Party.

"On news interest, we are clearly the story of the election and yet the doleful duo of Scottish broadcasting pretends we don’t exist.

"It is long past time for BBC SCOTLAND and STV to mend their ways and to stop distorting the democratic process in Scotland.”

Also speaking at the campaign launch Lead ALBA Candidate on the Mid Scotland and Fife List, Eva Comrie said:

“Mid Scotland and Fife is in the centre of Scotland and is the key Electoral battleground in every Election. It is the bellwether which the rest of the country looks to.

"In Mid Scotland and Fife 120,000 SNP list votes were wasted last time. Independence and SNP voters cannot allow their votes to be wasted in this Election. That is why ALBA is asking people to give their List vote to ALBA to make both votes count for Independence.

"Voters in Mid Scotland and Fife can show the way for the rest of Scotland by making this Scotland’s Independence Election. But voters can only do that if they vote ALBA on the list to achieve the Independence Supermajority on Thursday 6 May.”

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