Party Chair Reacts to the UK Government Invoking Section 35

Reacting to the UK government invoking section 35 of the Scotland Act, ALBA Chair, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh said;

“The Scottish Secretary should not have invoked section 35. He has turned what should be a constructive discussion on equality and protections for all, into a constitutional fist fight.

“This is entirely the wrong issue for a clash between the Parliaments. Holyrood has created this sorry mess and they should sort it out for themselves without Westminster interference in terms of voting on the Statutory Instruments which will come before Parliament on the legislation.

It is important for independence campaigners that we make the positive proposal that women’s sex based protections under the Equality Act should be enshrined in the written Constitution of an independent Scotland, thereby guaranteeing certainty that no act of any Parliament can. That is what the SNP proposed back in 2014. It is even more important to say it now.”

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