Aberdeen LACU Monthly Members Meeting

Wed, Mar 30, 07:30 PM

Belmont Cinema – and on Zoom. , 49 Belmont St , Aberdeen AB10 1JS , United Kingdom Get directions

Bill Laing

About the event

Please note that the meeting room is on the 3rd floor and the lift is out of order.  Unfortunately, there is no easy access other than via the stairs.  For this reason, we will also have a Zoom link to the room for those who cannot attend in person.    We apologise for the inconvenience and will work to ensure better access for future meetings.

Agenda Items

Aberdeen LACU Monthly Members Meeting 30th March 2022

  1. Acceptance of Previous Minutes
  2. Decision on National Conference Reps
  3. Leafleting
  4. Production of campaign materials
  5. Merchandise purchase for stalls
  6. Stall use
  7. Town hall meetings
  8. Wee Alba book launch.
  9. AOB




Items for inclusion in the agenda may be sent to [email protected]


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  1. ATTENDANCE – Jimmy, Bill, Charlie, Brian, Leigh, James, Robert, Gavin, Angus, David, Konrad, Irene, Hazel, Rob, Mark.
  2. APOLOGIES – none

Introductions of new members – great to see them. Thanked them for their interest.

  1. REPORT FROM CONVENOR - Brian introduced the AGM with a summary of what has been going on. And wished everyone good luck. Thanked Teresa and James for the info they’ve provided.
  2. TREASURER’S REPORT - Finally have our accounts open. Has taken such a long time. The bank has offered us £200 as compensation. We voted to accept it.
  3. WELCOME FROM LEIGH WILSON – updated us on his trip to Glasgow where he met the new candidates. Said the atmosphere was buzzing and he hadn’t seen that energy since 2014. Spoke of the diversity of candidates. Scots Asians for Alba and Africans for Alba have candidates. £100 per LACU per candidate plus the wee alba book coming from central funds. Spoke of getting out a gazebo and having town hall meetings. Leigh has seen extracts from the book and says it looks great.

(Gazebo – we have a second hand one donated to us. David is keen to start in April with the gazebo. Rob has a big band of students to help him out. We could get the gazebo out to other areas and rotate it.)


                Gavin proposed and seconded as convenor.

SECRETARY – Bill – proposed and seconded.

TREASURER – Konrad – carrying on. Proposed and seconded.

ORGANISER – Teresa proposed and seconded. Irene to assist. (Note Teresa isn’t the best at IT part so may need assiistance on that )

EVENTS COORDINATOR – vacancy though Hazel said if she wasn’t busy she would do what she can as she has work and family responsibilities.

SOCIAL MEDIA ORGANISER – Rob. Proposed and seconded. Will do facebook, Instagram and twitter. ACTION – Rob will work with candidates to get their social media set up.

  1. MEETINGS – will keep to the format of monthly just now.



Number of candidates. 88 so far. Might reach 100 which is excellent.

The general secretary will do all the paperwork for the candidates.

We need an election agent in Aberdeen for the candidates. However we aren’t going to be over the election expenses so we don’t have to worry about that. Leigh is going to check if an agent can be resident elsewhere as Rob had a suggestion. James said they need a name and address on the leaflet. We could use a PO Box but its £35 a month. Jimmy said we could use Aberdeen City Council as the home address. ACTION – Brian to investigate. Then the discussion to continue on Signal.

CANVASSING –  might be better just doing the candidates for that. Stick to leafleting and street stalls. Registering to vote. Cut off date the 19th April. Rob has a great leaflet with this. Will be useful on stalls and for candidates when they go door chapping.

PROMOTIONS – Mark has been working on candidate leaflets. He is happy to look at any other ideas media wise that candidates might have.

WOMENS LEAFLETS – Teresa let them know she has put out some women’s leaflets round Seaton, Northfield and Kincorth.

INDEPENDENCE – word is that the SNP aren’t going to mention it in the campaign – could be a winner for us.

CONFERENCE RESOLUTIONS – Gavin’s one on Nationbuilder. Sorry Brian – I missed the other one.

CONFERENCE COUNCIL CANDIDATE SUPPORT – on the Sunday – good photo op and support.

Rob said he had some friends wanting to donate.

COLLECTIVE LAUNCH. Good idea to do this. To be arranged.

  1. MARCH MEETING. Move to the 30th March – so we can recap on the conference. Moving forward we will move to virtual meetings at the Belmont and offer a zoom link too.

 (Irene stayed on to speak to Rob)


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