Buchan Blitz

Wed, May 05, 10:00 AM

Strichen Community Park , Strichen, AB43 6TH , United Kingdom Get directions

Hamish · 07814292058

About the event

Last chance to get the vote out! 

With the election just around the corner, this is one of our last chances to get the vote out in the North East and secure an independence Supermajority in the Scottish Parliament.

ALBA Party leader Alex Salmond will personally be out for the Buchan Blitz all day tomorrow with 3 canvassing sessions. Leafleting, loud speakers and a chance to meet the only party leader putting Scotland's independence at the front of this election campaign.

The three canvassing sessions will begin with Alex Salmond at the following times:

  • 10am at the Strichen Community Park
  • 2pm at the Strichen Community Park
  • 6pm at the Strichen Community Park

Now is the time. Let's do this, for Alba.

Please remember - 2m social distancing rules should be observed & be sure to bring a facemask.