Catherine McKernan

Catherine McKernan

ALBA Candidate for Glasgow North East

Catherine brings a wealth of experience from the education and healthcare sectors. Growing up in Govanhill during a period of real economic hardship, she was able to overcome poverty through the support of her family and the opportunities provided by education. She went on to work in research then lectured for a number of years before founding her own successful health-focused business from the ground up.

For the past 18 years, Catherine has loved living in the East End of Glasgow, in Dennistoun. A passionate advocate for addressing poverty through comprehensive and intelligent interventions, Catherine believes in the profound impact that can be achieved by targeting the interconnected areas of health, housing, education, employment, and fostering hope and aspiration. She is particularly convinced of the untapped potential in primary health diagnosis and intervention to significantly improve the well-being of the people of Glasgow, especially in the North-East of the city, where she lives. By simultaneously addressing these all of these fundamental issues holistically, she believes we can effectively tackle poverty and steer our city and country in a significantly more positive direction.

Catherine firmly believes that free school meals should be provided to every child, ensuring that no child, regardless of their home environment, goes without a nutritious hot meal daily, without any stigma attached.

She is a passionate champion for the safety and rights of women and children.

In addition to her role as convenor, helping to build up the Alba Glasgow Local Area Campaign Unit. Catherine is also actively involved with several cross-party organisations and campaigns focussed on the Self-determination of Scotland, the sovereignty of the Scottish people and our resources, and against the exploitation of Scotland through Freeports and the potential closure of our only remaining essential refinery in Grangemouth Campaign against Reidvale Housing Association sell off.