Charlie Abel

Charlie Abel

ALBA Candidate for Aberdeen North

Independence is our destiny, and its urgency must be our priority. No more should Scots endure energy poverty and hardship in our land of energy plenty.

I have a background in traditional music and have been involved in the local community council and grassroots & political activism. I understand the challenges Scots face. I recognise that real change starts from the ground up, and I believe in harnessing Scotland's vast energy potential to create a brighter future for generations to come. As a founding member of the Alba Party, I'm ready to fight for policies prioritising the Scottish people's needs, from investing in education and healthcare to protecting our environment and growing our economy. Women & Children's rights matter. I support protected rights but reject toxic identity politics. We must protect women's sports, single-sex spaces & keep rapists out of women's prisons!

Indpependence is normal.

Together, Scots can build a nation that works for everyone, where opportunity knows no bounds and every voice is heard.

Every vote for Alba brings the dream of independence closer to an everyday reality.

Vote Charlie Abel, Alba, for a stronger, fairer Scotland.