Corri Wilson

Corri Wilson

ALBA Candidate for Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock

Born, raised, and worked within the constituency throughout my entire life, bringing a deep-rooted understanding of its needs and aspirations. As a parent of two grown-up children and a grandparent, their future, along with that of all the constituents, fuels my passion for independence.

My diverse background spans the public, private, and third sectors, including my tenure as both a Councillor and an MP. These experiences have honed my skills, broadened my perspective, and deepened my commitment to political activism and the cause of independence.

Having previously served as an MP, I am well-equipped to hit the ground running, fully aware of the responsibilities and challenges involved. The urgency for self-determination has never been more palpable, and I am ready to lead the charge.

Since spearheading the Independence campaign in South Ayrshire from 2010, my dedication to this cause has remained unwavering, and I am determined to continue fighting tirelessly for our collective future.