Dhruva Kumar

Dhruva Kumar

ALBA Candidate for Glasgow South

Dhruva Kumar is a dedicated member of the Alba Party, head of Alba Friends of India standing as a Member of Parliament (MP) candidate for Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. As a family man and father of two, he understands the importance of building a better future for the next generation. Dhruva is deeply committed to the cause of Scottish independence, aligning closely with the Alba Party's policies to foster a better future for Scotland.

With a robust background in academia, Dhruva brings a wealth of educational expertise to his political endeavours. He has had a successful career as Curriculum Head for Marine Engineering, which equips him with a unique academic perspective on policy-making and economic strategies beneficial for Scotland's progress. His educational insights are particularly valuable in debates and policy formulations, where a deeper understanding of technical and vocational education can play a crucial role in shaping a skilled workforce for an independent Scotland.

Dhruva's campaign activities have been vibrant and impactful, focusing on engaging with the community and amplifying the voice of the Alba Party across Glasgow. He has been instrumental in organising educational workshops, community outreach programs, and advocacy campaigns, which are pivotal in raising awareness about the benefits of independence and mobilising support among the electorate.

As a representative of Glasgow, Dhruva understands the city's dynamic challenges and opportunities. His approach combines grassroots activism with strategic policy advocacy, aiming to address local issues while also contributing to the national independence movement. His leadership in the Indian Friends of Alba initiative showcases his commitment to inclusivity and diversity, bridging cultural gaps and building unity within the Scottish independence movement.

Dhruva Kumar's candidacy is not just about political representation; it's about bringing a knowledgeable, passionate, and community-focused approach to Scottish politics, ensuring that the voices of Glasgow and its diverse communities are heard in the quest for a prosperous and independent Scotland. His candidacy represents hope for a Scotland that stands tall on its own terms.