Zohaib Arshad

Zohaib Arshad

ALBA Candidate for Falkirk

Dr Zohaib Arshad is a dedicated community leader,professional,hardworking and advocate for positive change.with over 10 years of experience in buisness.He has a deep sense of responsibility and a vision for brighter future.

Living in Falkirk Zohaib Arshad understands the challenges and opportunities our community faces.the academic background,combined with Zohaib real world experience has prepared him to tackle complex issues with innovative solutions.

Running for Member parliament Zohaib Arshad is committed to representing the values of Falkirk.my main priorities are education healthcare economic development better employment and to ensure all voices are heared and valued.

I promise to be a tireless advocate for all residents, join my mission for better strong and independent Scotland.