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With self determination comes self confidence. This has been an important, guiding principle in life, not only on a personal level but on a professional and political level. I am a mum of two daughters, a carer for my elderly mother, a local Councillor and an independent advocate, giving a voice to marginalised and vulnerable people.

I grew up in Ayrshire under the shadow of Thatcher's dismantling of Scotland's industries & the brutal impact that had on communities all over our nation. As a teenager I left Scotland to escape the feelings of despair at the lack of opportunities afforded my generation. I returned often yet only started to see progress following devolution. I lived in London at that time, money seemed to flow freely, regeneration and opportunities were aplenty yet those levels of investment never quite reached Scotland.

Having returned 19 years ago and settled in the beautiful and historic West Dunbartonshire, I noticed the changes in Scotland and her status around the world had injected a sense of self confidence in our nation. The vibrant, informed YES campaign brought a transformation in attitudes for many in Scotland. 

We learned we were not too poor, too wee and too stupid to stand on our own two feet. We learned, even with limited powers the government of Scotland could do things differently, better than a government 400 miles away with little or no interest in the people of Scotland.

Fairness, opportunity, respect, leaving no one behind, using our resources for the benefit of all rather than the few – this is the Scotland I want to live in. That is why independence is so important. We started that journey back in 2014, it's time to head to our destination and become the country many of us desire.

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