Alba Party Glasgow Members Meeting

Mon, Jul 22, 07:00 PM

Red Rosa , 195 London Rd , Glasgow G40 1PA , United Kingdom Get directions

Christopher Crawford · · 0754 317 6608

About the event

Glasgow ambitiously put forward four candidates who fought four high quality high-visibility campaigns in the North, North East, South, South West constituencies, mostly based within previous community involvement in the local areas. Every candidate and the volunteers worked really hard and gave their all. All candidates are grateful for the support either via donations or via your help canvassing and on street stalls. While Alba did not make the national breakthrough that we wanted or worked for or deserved, many of our conversations and feedback from the public gives us lots of reason to be confident of our breakthrough in the next Scottish Election. Scotland needs us to make this breakthrough as soon as possible. We must therefore now pivot to preparing and gearing up for this next election. For success we will need funds and volunteers ready to go. Please come to the next LACU member meeting (on Monday 22nd July 2024 at 7pm at Red Rosa, 195 London Road, Glasgow. G40 1PA) so that we can now start that process. Thanks very much.

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