Cllr Shahid Farooq and SNP NEC member Dot Jessiman in new move to ALBA

Two further prominent SNP figures have joined the accelerating switch to the new ALBA Party.


Cllr Farooq will contest the regional list in Glasgow while Dot Jessiman has resigned from the SNP National Executive to contest the North East of Scotland list for ALBA.

Cllr Shahid Farooq commented;

“There is huge enthusiasm for the new Party across the communities of Scotland. It has galvanised the national movement. I am looking forward to the election contest since it gives the chance to speak about independence.”

Dot Jessiman added;

“I am proud to stand with Alex Salmond in the North East of Scotland. ALBA is putting down real roots in our communities and opportunity for Scotland beckons. Instead of wasting list votes on the SNP, the switch to ALBA opens up the prospect of an independence #Supermajority in the next Parliament. My message in this election is both votes YES; SNP in the constituencies and ALBA for the regional list”

"I’ve now joined the Alba Party to stand in the North East of Scotland and make sure we can get a Supermajority for independence in the Scottish Parliament."

Dot Jessiman was born a Cockney, married a Scot who returned to Scotland on the back of the oil and has lived for 40 years on a croft in rural Aberdeenshire. Dot joined the SNP in 1988.

She was an Elected Member of the National Council and has represented north-east grassroots members on its NEC for the last two years.

Dot is a former Convener of New Scots for Independence.

As Vice Convener of the first Scottish Land Commission, she wrote the Report that became the baseline for the SNP’s later land reforms. For the past 15 years, she has run a Talk Independence stall that tours the northern Summer Shows for which she researched a comprehensive series of information leaflets on subjects identified by questions from the public. Dot’s most recent activity has been with a group that explored and published a paper on an alternative legally and politically viable route to IndyRef2.

BIO Shahid Farooq

Shahid is a successful entrepreneur and understands the difficulties that small businesses have been going through in these challenging times. A family man he also understands the challenges families have experienced recently.

Shahid has campaign experience in council, Holyrood and Westminster elections as well as the independence referendum.

He has been a Councillor in North Lanarkshire Council since 2012, serving on many committees. Shahid brings a wealth of experience as well and enthusiasm.

He believes that the forthcoming election is the most critical in the history of our country.

He firmly believes that it is the people who live in Scotland, and not Boris Johnson, who should decide our country's future.

Editors notes
• On Friday 26th March the ALBA Party was launched by Alex Salmond and Alex and three other candidates were declared - Eva Comrie who transferred from No1 on the SNP list for Mid Scotland and Fife, businesswoman Cynthia Guthrie who is standing in the South of Scotland and Cllr Chris McEleny, the author of “Plan B” who is standing in the West of Scotland.
• On Saturday 27th March former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP announced his transfer to the ALBA Party alongside Corrie Wilson, the former SNP MP
• On Sunday 28th March, Neale Hanvey MP announced his transfer to the ALBA Party alongside the SNP’s National Equalities Convener, Cllr Lynne Anderson, who relinquished her position on the SNP’s ruling body to transfer to the ALBA Party, and the SNP’s National Women’s Convener Cllr Caroline McAllister
• On Monday 29th March Senior Glasgow SNP Councillor Michelle Ferns joined the ALBA party and will contest the Glasgow regional list for the party, World Boxing Champion Alex Arthur MBE joined the ALBA Party as its latest, 'big hitter' to stand in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections.
• On Tuesday Internationally renowned Economist Dr Jim Walker joined the ALBA Party and will be contesting the Central Scotland regional list and Cllr Brian Topping who has been an SNP Councillor for 37 years and successful in twelve successive electoral contests. He is one of the longest-serving SNP councillors in Scotland.







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