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I was born and have lived my whole life in Ayrshire, proud of my roots and am lucky to live in such a beautiful and historic part of the country.  

A lifelong supporter of independence I used my time as an SNP Councillor and MP to promote the benefits of Scotland being an independent country and worked for a fairer, more just society - all of which I feel incredibly passionate about. 

From 2012 onwards I led the campaign for independence via South Ayrshire for Independence and also Ayr for Independence with some of my initial ideas being adopted for the national campaign.  I also volunteered with Broadcasting Scotland sharing views and stories of people from all walks of Scottish life. 

Locally, I instigated the ‘Festival of Yes’ weekend which coincided with the AUOB March in Ayr - an idea that was adopted by other areas. 

Outwith politics, my real world experience includes national & local government, private and third sector  along with volunteering and being an active member of my community.  

Independence has always been my driver and always will be - even more so now I have 2 grandchildren (one who was born a couple of days ago!). I want them and others to grow up in a country with fairness and social justice at it’s heart.  A goal I believe with ALBA we are close to achieving.

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