Hanvey Slams "Abject Failure" of Scottish Greens to Deliver Direct Ferry Links to Europe


ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP has hit out at the “abject failure” of the Scottish Green Ministers and in particular Lorna Slater MSP, Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, to deliver direct ferry links between Scotland and mainland Europe as promised in their Scottish Parliament Election Manifesto in 2021.

Hanvey went on to accuse them of “failing even to demonstrate any tangible action towards achieving that vital objective.”

He highlighted the fact that on 16 April 2021 Lorna Slater MSP Said “Scotland’s journey back to Europe starts at this election, and the Scottish Greens want to see new links established from places like Rosyth” and went on to state: “I see Scotland being at the forefront of Europe’s plans to tackle the climate emergency, and new low carbon ferries carrying freight and holiday makers to the continent would be a great start”

The Scottish Green Party Manifesto had a commitment to “work with Calmac to establish direct, publicly owned services for freight and passengers to continental Europe”.

Speaking at the ALBA National Council on Saturday in Ayr Neale Hanvey MP said:

“The Scottish Greens promised new ferry links to Europe in their 2021 Manifesto yet almost two years later have failed even to demonstrate any tangible action towards achieving that vital objective.

“Direct ferry links from Rosyth to mainland Europe would deliver environmental and economic benefits to Fife and the whole of Scotland at a time when Scots businesses need to find alternative routes into European markets and our tourism industry is crying out for support.

“Lorna Slater told us in April 2021 that ‘Scotland’s journey back to Europe starts at this election’ but sadly for Rosyth and the passengers, communities and businesses who would benefit from new direct ferry links to Europe, there has been no action whatsoever from the Greens in government to deliver on this election promise.

“While Fife MPs like myself and Douglas Chapman MP, along with Alba’s Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP have been doing the heavy lifting by campaigning relentlessly, leading debates in parliament and meeting with and lobbying ministers at both a UK and Scottish level, the Greens in government have been silent, inactive and delivered no progress whatsoever.

“Not so much action to deliver net zero as zero action on direct ferry links to Europe.

“Just another green failure in government. Talking big in opposition but delivering small in government.

“Scottish Green Ministers haven’t lifted a finger to deliver direct ferry links to Europe while independent Ireland has powered ahead with expanding its direct ferry links to Europe.”

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