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Dot Jessiman


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North East Scotland

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Dot Jessiman was born a Cockney, married a Scot who returned to Scotland on the back of the oil and has lived for 40 years on a croft in rural Aberdeenshire.

Dot joined the SNP in 1988. She was an Elected member of the National Council   and has represented north-east grass roots members on its NEC for the last two years. A lifelong supporter of women’s rights she is dedicated to opposing the retrograde steps envisaged in the proposed Gender Recognition Act. 

As Convener of New Scots for Independence Dot led the campaign to establish that nationalism is not racism.   As Vice Convener of the first Scottish Land Commission she wrote the Report that became the base line for the SNP’s later land reforms.  

For the past 15 years she has run a Talk Independence stall that tours the northern Summer Shows for which she researched a comprehensive series of information leaflets on subjects identified by questions from the public.   

Dot’s most recent activity has been with a group which explored and published a paper on an alternative legally and politically viable route to IndyRef2.

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