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Downing Street Sleaze or Independence the clear choice for Scotland says Hanvey

Responding today (Wednesday) to the publication of the Gray Report on lockdown breaches in Downing Street and the refusal of Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP to take responsibility and resign, ALBA Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“The Prime Minister continues to demean and tarnish the high office he holds by his continuing refusal to take responsibility for his personal failings and resign for riding roughshod over Covid lockdown rules.

“This Prime Minister and the government he notionally leads show a callous disregard for the loved ones of those who died during the pandemic, partying in Downing Street, while people were unable to visit dying relatives.

“No First Minister of any party in Scotland would be able to continue in office in the face of such a damning report. The only way Scotland can be shot, once and for all, of Downing Street sleaze is to become a normal independent country where standards of decency in public life can be upheld and enforced.”

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