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Ellen McMaster


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West Scotland

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Ellen is a long-time community activist and serving North Ayrshire Cllr. Born and raised in Coventry as part of the Scottish Diaspora, Ellen returned to Scotland in the late 1980s, she now runs a small beef and sheep farm on the Isle of Arran with her husband.

Ellen served as a community member of Arran Homes- a sub-committee of Trust Housing Association, for 10 years, during which time over 180 homes for social rent were built on the Island. Lack of social and “affordable” housing is still a massive issue which raises real concerns about de-population of our Islands. Serving on NAC planning committee has given Ellen a drive to work towards planning decisions being devolved to a more local level within communities, especially those about housing for Islanders and key workers.

As a farmer Ellen is committed to Conservation and Climate Challenge issues, the protection of the high-quality standards Scotland’s food production and food equity. A proponent of Keep it Local which fits with the Community Wealth Building and Green Recovery ideals and aspirations necessary for fairer, healthier and more equitable communities.

As Chair of combined Arran Locality and HSCP Partnership Ellen is passionate about implementing the reforms of the Community Empowerment Act 2015, on making democracy local, creating local tax and spending choices, enabling community participation through active partnership and co-production with citizens. The transfer of these powers is vital for the creation of thriving and vibrant communities, ownership grows confidence and willingness to participate in order to achieve positive and equitable outcomes for communities tailored by communities.


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