MacAskill Challenges Johnson Over Pre-payment Meters - Time to End Punitive Charges Against The Poor

Kenny speaking in Westminster

Speaking today (Wednesday) after his question to Boris Johnson at Prime Ministers Questions ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill said:

“It is estimated that one in four Scots households have a pre payment meter (PPM) which results in them paying the highest energy costs, with higher standing charges than those on credit meters.

“Today I challenged Boris Johnson to introduce a social tariff so as to protect some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society, who rely on pre-payment meters.

“It is only by introducing a social tariff that we can end these punitive charges against the poor and the scandal of self-disconnection that we are seeing in ever-increasing numbers across Scotland and in the rest of the UK.

“Energy rich Scotland should not have one in three of its households living in fuel poverty and we should not be penalising the poor for simply being poor by charging them more than anyone else for the basic necessity of heating their homes.”

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