Kenny MacAskill MP speaks on Energy Costs at Westminster

Kenny Speaking in the Commons

Speaking in the Debate today (Thursday) on “UK Energy Costs” ALBA Party Depute Leader 
Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“This is insufficient for the poor and the perversity of an Energy rich Scotland and fuel poor Scots remains.  What is clear is that not only will people go cold this winter but some may die.  There should have been a fuel freeze, it should have been funded b y a Windfall Tax.  There should have been action on VAT and there are other omissions that haven’t been addressed."

“First of all there’s Pre Payment Meters.  The injustice remains that the poorest, those most deprived, those often most dependent on the need for power and energy see themselves paying higher standing charges and higher tariffs.  That hasn’t been touched while support has been given to the very wealthy."

“That must end!  It’s easily done – a direction to Ofgem and we all know the energy companies are capable of delivering it.”

You can watch Kenny's speech below:

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