Former MSP to stand for ALBA

Jim Eadie, a former SNP MSP, has announced his intention to stand for ALBA in the upcoming election on the Mid Scotland and Fife regional list.


Mr Eadie said;

“I am delighted to be joining ALBA as the fastest growing political party in Scotland, part of the wider independence movement.

“ALBA’s mission could not be clearer - to make sure that every pro-independence vote counts on the list as well as in the constituency vote.

“ALBA is offering a clear pathway to an independence #Supermajority which can deliver the change Scotland so desperately needs and which our communities are crying out for. The change that can only come with Independence.”

In response, the leader of ALBA, Alex Salmond said;

“It is great to have Jim on board which swells the parliamentary experience in our candidate ranks to five.

The range and diversity of our candidate list will leave the other parties standing and all of us are looking forward to enunciating the entirely positive case for independence to build the #Supermajority in the Scots Parliament”.

Jim Eadie Biography

Jim was the SNP MSP for Edinburgh Southern between 2011 and 2016 during which time he was Convenor of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee leading inquiries into the closure of the Forth road bridge and freight transport. He served as the Parliamentary aide to the then Deputy First Minister and later First Minister. Since 2016 he has been housing policy lead for Scotland’s leading older people’s charity Age Scotland where he helped to change planning legislation to ensure the housing needs of older and disabled people were at the heart of council planning decisions.

More recently he worked as a manager for the largest charity lottery in Britain, the People’s Postcode Lottery which exists to raise money for good causes.

Prior to entering the Scottish Parliament, he was head of the Medicines Industry trade association, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) in Scotland representing a sector with an economic footprint in excess of £1 billion.

Jim is a seasoned and respected campaigner with a track record of achievement across a range of sectors including health care and housing.

Editors notes

  • On Friday 26th March the ALBA Party was launched by Alex Salmond and Alex and three other candidates were declared - Eva Comrie who transferred from No1 on the SNP list for Mid Scotland and Fife, businesswoman Cynthia Guthrie who is standing in the South of Scotland and Cllr Chris McEleny, the author of “Plan B” who is standing in the West of Scotland.
  • On Saturday 27th March former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP announced his transfer to the ALBA Party alongside Corrie Wilson, the former SNP MP
  • On Sunday 28th March, Neale Hanvey MP announced his transfer to the ALBA Party alongside the SNP’s National Equalities Convener, Cllr Lynne Anderson, who relinquished her position on the SNP’s ruling body to transfer to the ALBA Party, and the SNP’s National Women’s Convener Cllr Caroline McAllister
  • On Monday 29th March Senior Glasgow SNP Councillor Michelle Ferns joined the ALBA party and will contest the Glasgow regional list for the party, World Boxing Champion Alex Arthur MBE joined the ALBA Party as its latest, 'big hitter' to stand in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections.
  • On Tuesday Internationally renowned Economist Dr Jim Walker joined the ALBA Party and will be contesting the Central Scotland regional list.