Former SNP MP to stand for Alba Party at General Election

A former SNP MP will stand for election as an Alba Party candidate at this year’s General Election.

Corri Wilson, who was the SNP Member of Parliament between 2015-2017 will stand for Alba Party in the Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock seat she previously represented.

Ms Wilson left the SNP and joined Alba Party in 2021 stating that she believed her former party had allowed independence to be dropped as a priority.

She is currently Depute General Secretary of Alba Party and was also previously an SNP Councillor. Her priority at the General Election is to ensure that voters in Ayrshire are given the opportunity to vote for a strategy that can deliver independence.

Alba Party believe that every election should be fought seeking a mandate for independence and that the Scottish Parliament should legislate for the referendum proposed by Ash Regan MSP on the independence powers of the Parliament.

Corri Wilson becomes the sixth General Election candidate announced by Alba Party. Alba say they are confident they will far exceed their initial target of standing twelve candidates.

Commenting Alba Party General Election candidate for Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock Corri Wilson said:

“The SNP strategy for the General Election is incoherent and recently the Greens have said that independence is no longer a red line for them and that they would be happy to prop up a unionist Government at Holyrood.

“Alba Party now are Scotland’s independence party. That is why we are planning a wide scale intervention across Scotland at the General Election to make sure the people of Scotland have the choice of voting for independence.

“As a member of Parliament, I will be trusted to protect the rights of women and girls. My priorities are ending the absurdity of fuel-poor Scots in energy-rich Scotland and eradicating poverty. With the powers of independence, Scotland can move away from the failed system of Westminster and towards a fairer and more equal country.”

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