Former SNP MSP to stand for ALBA Party at General Election

A former SNP MSP will stand for the ALBA Party at the General election.

Jim Eadie was a member of the Scottish Parliament between 2011-2016.

Mr Eadie will contest the newly established Rutherglen Constituency, where he now lives, on behalf of the ALBA Party.

Whilst an MSP he was Convener of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee of the Scottish Parliament between 2014–16.

Eadie left the SNP and joined the ALBA Party in 2021 stating that he believed his former party had allowed independence to be dropped as a priority.

Before entering politics the ALBA Party candidate worked for the Royal College of Nursing and STV before becoming the head of the Scottish branch of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Association Industry (ABPI). Since leaving the Scottish Parliament he was the Housing policy lead for Age Scotland and worked for the Peoples Postcode Lottery before working for Kenny MacAskill MP and Neale Hanvey MP.

ALBA Party believe that every election should be fought seeking a mandate for independence and that the Scottish Parliament should legislate for the referendum proposed by Ash Regan MSP on the independence powers of the Parliament.

Commenting ALBA Party General Election candidate for Rutherglen Jim Eadie said:

“At the upcoming General Election only the ALBA Party will be offering the people the choice to vote for independence.

The SNP strategy for the General Election is incoherent and recently the Greens have said that independence is no longer a red line for them and that they would even be happy to prop up a unionist Government at Holyrood.

Scotland is country with enviable natural resources but in the Rutherglen constituency, similar to across Scotland, we have too many families and children living in poverty and far too many people unable to afford to heat their homes. That is unacceptable and with the powers of independence we can end the absurdity of fuel poor Scots in energy rich Scotland.

The ALBA Party are now Scotland’s independence party. That is why we are planning a wide scale intervention across Scotland at the General Election and I am delighted to play my part by giving the people of Rutherglen the choice of voting for independence.”


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