Immediate Ceasefire

The following policy was adopted at the ALBA Party Spring Campaign Conference in 2024:

This Conference calls for a United Nations enforced ceasefire in Gaza, the immediate international cessation of the sale of all armaments to the state of Israel and an acceleration of the investigation into all war crimes alleged to be committed in this conflict which will hold state and organisation leaderships accountable and include the alleged use of white phosphorus weaponry in areas of civilian population.

In Novermber 2023, the ALBA Party Leadership released the following statement on the situation in Gaza:

“Alba Party believe that the perpetrators of terrorist atrocities against innocent civilians must be condemned without caveat and prosecuted as criminals but that such terror cannot justify a disproportionate military response which is resulting in the indiscriminate death of more innocent civilians.

The Alba Party leadership associate ourselves with the comments of President Higgins of Ireland in seeking an immediate ceasefire, justice for the Palestinian people and the provisioning and safe evacuation of Israeli hostages and civilians from a war zone.

The international community must now dedicate all possible influence to urge Israel and Palestine to choose the path of de-escalation and ceasefire.

In the immediate term we need to secure a ceasefire so that we ensure that the killing stops. Following which it is time for those in the world whom wield influence to bring to bear long standing United Nations resolutions and to redirect resources dedicated to weapons of war to resourcing the fountains of a path to peace.”