Senior SNP Glasgow City Councillor to stand in Glasgow for Alba Party

Michelle Ferns, the SNP City Councillor who helped deliver Glasgow’s £500M Equal pay settlement will contest the Glasgow Region at the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections for the Alba Party.


Councillor Michelle Ferns was the Convener of Workforce, a top position in the SNP’s city administration, and was a key figure in delivering the landmark payout for thousands of women in Glasgow that settled years of dispute over women being paid less for work carried out than men that worked for the Council.

The Shettleston Councillor has now relinquished her position within the City Government and will sit as Glasgow’s first Alba Party Councillor in the run up to May’s Scottish Parliament election where she hopes to be elected on the Glasgow Regional list for the party.

The Alba Party was launched on Friday of last week by Scotland’s Former First Minister Alex Salmond. Over the course of the weekend Mr Salmond was joined by high profile transfers from the SNP to the Alba Party, including former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP and Neale Hanvey MP, to deliver what the party state will be a “Super Majority” for independence in the Scottish Parliament, achieved by the SNP winning seats across the country in Holyrood Constituencies and the Alba Party winning seats across Scotland via the regional list system.

Further defections yesterday also saw the SNP’s National Women’s Convener Councillor Caroline McAllister transfer to the Alba Party.

Speaking of her move to the Alba Party, Councillor Michelle Ferns said;

“I am delighted to join the Alba Party and to stand as a candidate in the regional list in Glasgow to help deliver a supermajority for independence.

I am a mother of 4 and a lifelong advocate and campaigner for equalities, in particular, looking at the socio-economic drivers of inequality such as poverty and disability and the link between them. I have been privileged to represent my ward in the East End of Glasgow for the last 4 years. A job I have loved.

There is rightly a lot of focus on the Scottish Parliament by the people of Scotland. I would be honoured to be a strong working-class voice within the party delivering for the people of Glasgow.

As City Convener for Workforce in the historic first pro-independence administration in Glasgow, I was extremely proud to stand alongside women when we righted a historical injustice and secured Equal Pay settlements totalling over half a billion pounds for thousands of women across the city. Life-changing amounts of money finally recognising the contribution made by our everyday unsung heroes. We know that when women are lifted out of poverty, so are children.

I look forward to continuing to working constructively and engaging with Trade Unions in addressing fair work as a critical issue as we move towards recovery from the pandemic."

Editors notes

  • On Friday 26th March the Alba Party was launched by Alex Salmond and Alex and three other candidates were declared - Eva Comrie who transferred from No1 on the SNP list for Mid Scotland and Fife, businesswoman Cynthia Guthrie who is standing in the South of Scotland and Cllr Chris McEleny, the author of “Plan B” who is standing in the West of Scotland.
  • On Saturday 27th March former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP announced his transfer to the Alba Party alongside Corrie Wilson, the former SNP MP
  • On Sunday 28th March, Neale Hanvey MP announced his transfer to the Alba Party alongside the SNP’s National Equalities Convener, Cllr Lynne Anderson, who relinquished her position on the SNP’s ruling body to transfer to the Alba Party, and the SNP’s National Women’s Convener Cllr Caroline McAllister



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