Greens ditch independence ahead of General Election campaign

SCOTTISH Greens have been accused of dropping support for independence ahead of this year’s General Election. 

At the Scottish Green Party Conference last year, the Party who are in coalition with the SNP, had a campaign message that stated “INDEPENDENCE. FOR PEOPLE. FOR PLANET.” 

However, the Party dropped mention of independence at their conference held at the weekend. 

The Scottish Greens spent the weekend under pressure over their support of Humza Yousaf’s Hate Crime Act after a poll released showed that Scot’s that wish to see the Act repealed out number supporters by two to one. 

Alba Party have said that the Greens “ previously only said they supported independence as a badge of convenience to creep into Government”. Alba point to previous statements from the Green Party leadership that said independence was “not a red line” and that if the Greens held the balance of power after the next Scottish Parliament elections they would help the Labour Party into Power if it meant keeping Greens in Government. 

Alba Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny says that independence supporters should be clear that “a vote for the Green Party is not a vote for Scottish independence.” 

McEleny says that Alba Party will begin to announce its candidates for the General Election in the coming weeks. Alba Party have previously confirmed that they will make a significant intervention at the General election. 

Commenting Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said: 

“The Greens are as weak as flowers that sway with every wind when it comes to Scottish independence. We already knew that for Greens independence wasn’t a red line and that if the price of Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater to cling onto power after the next Scottish Parliament election was to make Anas Sarwar First Minister they would sell out the independence movement. 

“It’s no surprise then that they’ve already chosen to ditch Independence ahead of this year’s General Election as they are simply positioning themselves to help Labour back into power at Holyrood in 2026.”

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