ALBA Party Leader Alex Salmond's Hogmanay Message

“Today is my birthday - Hogmanay

But this is not an appeal for last minute presents more a reflection that few of us have had much to celebrate over these last two years - bits of light here and there but not too much.

There are very few people alive who have felt the impact of a global pandemic and no politicians at all who have experienced anything on this scale. It shows.

If New Year gun is a time for reflection then leaders cross the world and much closer to home might reflect that while science gave us the weapons to fight the virus then they have not been fully utilised. We have hardly made a start on vaccinating the planet and didn’t even boost enough of our own population before the inevitable variants arrived.

But there are reasons for hope which lie in the resolve of communities and the courage of those in our essential services. Many many people have gone above and beyond the call of any duty to keep society as safe as possible and limit human suffering. To all of them all of us owe a debt of gratitude. 

But as New Year is a time for reflection it’s also a time for resolution. In his last year we have founded a brand new party - ALBA which stands for Scotland. That seldom gets done. Indeed it has never been done under these conditions.

However as the dark clouds of Covid pass and sunlight breaks through ALBA will find its role and make its impact as a political force who sees the immediate priority of taking our country forward to independence.

In order that we can mobilise the expertise , the resources the people of Scotland to heal and rebuild our country and make our own distinctive contribution to the world.

For all of us it is a lifetime ambition for some a life’s work. It hasn’t always seemed close in recent times but with every New Year comes a new hope.

And so to you and yours let me wish you and your families a truly guid New Year.”

Alex Salmond
ALBA Party Leader 

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