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Salmond: “Independence Campaign Should Fill Westminster Power Vacuum”

“The independence campaign in Scotland should seize the power vacuum at Westminster to press the case for self-determination”

This was said by former First Minister and ALBA Party leader, Alex Salmond, speaking at a Wee ALBA Book meeting yesterday in Glasgow.

Alex Salmond said:

“We now have four months of a complete power vacuum at Westminster. What better time could there be to press Scotland’s case for self-determination by popular demonstration in Scotland and parliamentary intervention at Westminster.

“In one of his last acts in power, as opposed to in office, Boris Johnson turned down a section 30 request from Nicola Sturgeon. That was a democratic outrage which cannot be allowed to stand.

“Westminster’s difficulties should be Scotland’s opportunity and we should seize the moment to bring the cause of self-determination to the top of the political agenda”

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